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EQUANS considers the environment to be at the heart of our service delivery and it underpins all that we do.

Our integrated management system is certified to ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001 and we also hold ISO 50001. This system outlines our approach to managing our environmental impact across our operations. 

In addition, we have maintained platinum status in the Sustainable FM Index since 2017 demonstrating our commitment to managing and reducing our environmental impact.

Our Environmental Policy can be accessed here.

Air Quality

As a leading energy and services company EQUANS has a strong commitment towards decarbonisation. EQUANS recognises the role we have to play in improving air quality through the transformation of our fleet of approximately 3000 vehicles, our investment in green mobility services and the engagement of our employees.

EQUANS have made a public pledge to move to zero tailpipe emissions in cities by 2028.  We have also partnered with Global Action Plan in support of Clean Air Day since 2018 and we are a Business for Clean Air.

EQUANS has developed a Green Fleet Strategy with the ambition of having 80% of our fleet moved to EV by 2025. For our employees we have implemented a Green Car Scheme enabling our employees to lease low emission cars as part of their company benefits.

Our green mobility programme for customers offers a systems-based approach that combines our skills and expertise in alternative fuels, transport infrastructures, smart transit systems, and upstream design and planning. We assist our customers by supporting the adoption of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure for both domestic and commercial markets.


EQUANS is a big advocate for enhancing the native biodiversity of our communities and wild spaces. At an operational level, all of our contracts must complete a Protected Areas & Species Checklist to determine what level of risk or opportunity there is to have an impact on local biodiversity. Where a significant risk is identified, a Biodiversity Action Plan shall be produced.  In 2019, EQUANS set up the EQUANS Tree Planting Fund in response to increase our support of our country’s rich array of wildlife.  To date we have planted 4,965 trees across customer and charity sites.


EQUANS is committed to a Zero Avoidable Waste future where all products and services are designed with reuse and recycling in mind. We have developed a Zero Avoidable Waste Strategy, we are holders of the Carbon Trust Waste Standard and have also signed up to the BITC Waste to Wealth Commitment.


The next ten years will be vital to address the climate crisis. EQUANS is committed to being a leader in this area and is acting decisively to decarbonising its own operations. We have also developed a number of service propositions to support our key stakeholders on their net zero journeys.

Net Zero Services
EV Solutions
Smart Building Solutions

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We recognise that taking action to reduce our carbon emissions is vital to address the climate crisis. Our carbon reduction plan is outlined here.


At EQUANS we are working to reduce our own water consumption and improve the water quality of water bodies in our communities. We are also taking action to assess and mitigate risks including flooding and water scarcity.

Responsible Business

As an industry leader, EQUANS takes all aspects of Responsible Business (RB) seriously

Industry Recognition

We are proud to have received industry recognition for our service and partnering capability through a number of national FM & Energy Services awards