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Smart Buildings

Implement smart strategies for a secure and sustainable future

At EQUANS we are committed to using our capabilities to help your businesses implement ‘smart’ strategies for a secure and sustainable future.

We have a wide choice of stand-alone or integrated solutions that harness the latest technologies and innovations and are designed to help you optimise the efficiency of your buildings and operational processes so your workplaces are more connected and responsive.

We can design sustainable solutions to deliver your desired outcomes- creating smarter buildings that work for you.

Smarter buildings are good for business

Smart buildings can deliver a whole host of benefits for any business and open a wealth of opportunities.

There are the obvious benefits of optimising energy use, reducing costs and freeing up facilities-management resources, but smart buildings implemented properly can do so much more. They can improve operational efficiency and environmental performance, enhance working environments, increase productivity and even improve the health of building users.

We can help you optimise the operation of your buildings to deliver:

  • Improved occupant comfort 
  • A reduction in energy consumption and energy costs
  • Improved health and wellbeing for employees and visitors 
  • Improve productivity and operational efficiency 
  • Reduction in carbon footprint
  • A more agile environment

Smart services available from EQUANS

At the heart of any smart building system is data; specifically, connected data. All buildings contain systems, technology and sensors that generate data, including BMS, utility meters, security access systems, air-quality sensors and a whole range of other meters and monitors. In a traditionally managed building, these systems operate discretely from each other, producing data in isolation on a specific aspect of building performance or operation. Only by connecting this disparate data from multiple systems into one single platform can it then be analysed to create meaningful insights.  

A well-designed smart building platform will continuously analyse data from multiple feeds to create meaningful insights. EQUANS smart building platform can be augmented with widely available IoT technology and will integrate all data produced by a building and its assets. Such integration provides a single view of all building systems and equipment. By applying software-based analytics, machine learning and AI-based programming, the system can extract maximum value from the data to inform and control building management.

Smart technology tailored to your objectives

Of course, the purpose of creating smarter buildings is to help your organisation achieve its specific objectives. These will vary for different types of organisation, so we will need to consider what data you need to achieve your objectives.

Our experts are on hand to get to the bottom of your challenges and tailor smart solutions to tackle them.

To find out more about our smart buildings solutions and how we can help you, contact us now.