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EQUANS is committed to doing business in an ethical way. To achieve this goal, we have an established code of conduct that underpins our day-to-day strategic decisions, management and professional practices.

As an ENGIE Group company, we strictly adhere to a group-wide set of core values and ethical principles:

  • Acting in accordance with laws and regulations

  • Establishing a culture of integrity

  • Behaving fairly and honestly

  • Respecting others

This includes a strong focus on the ethical behaviour of our employees and on conducting ethical relationships with our clients, suppliers and sub-contractors.

Ethics and compliance are fully embedded in the culture of our business at all levels, and our strict ethics code of conduct is championed at Board level. The Group’s strong ethical policy incorporates a zero tolerance approach.

Ethical behaviour requires both personal and team commitment. Our approach to ethics and compliance underlines what we stand for as a business and as individual employees. This includes how we choose to act in our day-to-day behaviour, in the way we do our jobs and in our business dealings with others.

Specific ethical actions within the business include:

  • Full communication of Ethics, Compliance and Whistleblowing policies to every UK employee.
  • Line management responsibility for re-iterating ethical principles and role modelling our Ethics and Compliance Policy across the business.
  • Full ‘whistleblowing’ Ethics and Compliance UK reporting system, providing a place where acts of unethical or non-compliant behaviour can be reported anonymously for appropriate action. Such behaviour can be reported by our clients, suppliers or external parties by either;

Ethics and Compliance Documentation

Our Ethics Charter contains a general framework which is adopted locally by all Group subsidiaries. Also in use are a series of “Ethics in Practice” Guidelines, which provide concrete examples of implementation on a day-to-day basis. Specific policy and guidance is also given with regard to supplier and subcontractor relations.

Ethics Charter

Our ethics charter defines is the foundation for all EQUANS ethical principles and commitments.

Responsible Business

As an industry leader, EQUANS takes all aspects of Responsible Business (RB) seriously

Industry Recognition

We are proud to have received industry recognition for our service and partnering capability through a number of national FM & Energy Services awards