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GeniePoint Platform

At the heart of our EV network is our proprietary owned back-office system, The GeniePoint Platform. Our GeniePoint solution simplifies EV adoption, so you can get moving and keep moving with confidence.

- Manage your charge points and users
- Delivers accurate and reliable real-time data
- Fault and maintenance management
- Billing, invoicing and tariff control
- Providing management functionality for the entire GeniePoint electric vehicle charging network - one of the largest networks in the UK.

Person using a laptop to login to the GeniePoint Platform
Black EV car being charged

Reliable hardware

The GeniePoint Platform is completely hardware agnostic. We source the best charge point hardware to meet your specific needs.

• Charging power from 7kW – 350kW+
• Load balancing options
• Smart Charging and OCPP Compliant
• Suitable for all electric vehicles

Developing a charging ecosystem that works for your fleet

At Equans, we consider the entire charging ecosystem when recommending a suitable solution. Dependant on your fleet behaviour and operation, you may need to use a combination of on-site and public charging, to keep your drivers moving.

Charging ecosystem

Energy management

If your site requires additional power to accommodate your EV charging needs, no problem. We will conduct an assessment of the power available on your site during our site surveys and work with DNOs to establish any new connections.
We also offer innovations such as load balancing and battery storage. With our capabilities within the Equans Group, we can even increase energy efficiency by combining with solar power. We will work with you to make EV adoption simple and cost-effective.


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