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Charging for fleets

Electrify your fleet and benefit from cost savings and reduced carbon emissions

Looking to electrify your fleet? Switching your fleet to electric vehicles can not only provide cost savings, but can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, enhancing your reputation and supporting you in the transition to becoming a more sustainable business. 

With our smart fleet solutions, we make the switch to EV hassle-free. Here’s how:

  • Best-in-class hardware that you can rely on
    We use trusted technologies from leading brands and we will work with you to recommend the most suitable hardware.
  • Tailored tariffs
    We can also develop personalised discounted tariffs for your drivers on our public network. Contact us more more information.
  • Access to the fastest growing Rapid Charger Network
    Your drivers can also access our nationwide GeniePoint network, one of the largest rapid charging networks in the UK.
  • Market leading software with analytics for full visibility
    Our market-leading back-office system, the GeniePoint platform, provides all the reporting information you need.
  • 24/7 support for your drivers
    Our specialist UK customer service team are available 24/7 to support your drivers and to keep your business moving.
  • Advanced fleet capabilities
    We work with a range of partners to deliver advanced fleet solutions to bring together charging, payments and invoicing across locations including at your workplace, public and home charging.
EV Solutions

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