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Press Release

EQUANS launches EQUANS Digital

A range of digital offers to develop the technical and environmental performance of its customers.

EQUANS, the world leader in multi-technical services is launching a new brand, EQUANS Digital, to help its customers develop their performance and accelerate their digital transition. EQUANS Digital brings together all of the specialist ICT and digital expertise of EQUANS - comprising 6,000 employees working together as a global network to implement these innovative solutions. This buoyant and fast-growing market represents a turnover of one billion euros for EQUANS.

For over 30 years, we have been installing the equipment that drives the data and designing the data and analysis layers to structure it and extract performance gains for our customers. This new brand reinforces EQUANS' ambitions and determination to meet the challenges of the energy, industrial and digital transition.
Jérôme Stubler CEO of EQUANS

Pivotal core expertise

Digital technology is becoming a key element of performance in areas including energy, technical systems (heating, cooling, IT) and industrial processes; adding to the satisfaction of end users.
The specialists of EQUANS Digital are able to support customers by drawing on five key areas of expertise: audiovisual and video, robotics, automation, BIM, telecoms and connectivity.
This core expertise covers both the generation and utilisation of data associated with clients’ physical infrastructure. Combining and implementing these elements makes it possible to improve the efficiency of solutions and installations.

An ambitious cross-cutting approach

EQUANS Digital is also involved in cross-cutting areas through its high-level expertise in cybersecurity, interoperability and application solutions. Cybersecurity is at the heart of digital. Real-time measurement of threats and vulnerability is essential to better protect systems and ensure their functionality. Data management and interoperability services are becoming increasingly strategic as they aim to make different data networks compatible and intelligent in order to open them up and create digital synergies to improve the performance of installations. This approach is enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) and data science technologies.
By mastering all of these areas of expertise, EQUANS Digital will pay particular attention to its customers' application solutions in conjunction with partner publishers. This will make it possible to develop customised solutions, such as NAVINEO's CAD/AVL (Computer Aided Dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location) system.

A unique network of experts

The strength of EQUANS Digital lies in the alliance between specialised digital centres at a national level and a network of local digital experts and entities.
Digital technology is set to take on a strategic role between the technical infrastructure of customers and the challenge of maximising performance. By taking a unique approach, EQUANS Digital goes further in supporting the search for optimal performance by delivering expertise via national operations with a local proximity to customers.
This network, embodied by the EQUANS Digital brand, will accelerate awareness of the digital solutions offered by EQUANS, unite the skills of employees and accelerate the overall growth dynamic.

Performance in the B2B world is the result of the meeting of a particular customer need and the integration of a range of digital expertise. With the EQUANS Digital network, we are standardising the bespoke, and thereby offering our customers solutions that are both cost-effective and generate efficiency and quality for their specific needs.
Raphaël Contamin Director of EQUANS Digital


EQUANS is the world leader in multi-technical services with 74,000 employees, in 17 country hubs and an annual turnover of over 12 billion euros.

EQUANS designs, installs and provides customised solutions to improve the technical equipments, systems and processes of its clients and to optimise their use through their energy, industrial and digital transitions. Thanks to a strong territorial footprint through historical local brands and an excellent technical know-how in their clients’ businesses, EQUANS' highly-qualified experts are able to support territories, cities, industries, buildings in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), Cooling and Fire protection, Facility Management, Digital & ICT, Electrical, Mechanical & Robotics.

EQUANS is the number one company on the main European markets (France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK) and is also well ranked in the US and in Latin America. EQUANS is a separate entity of ENGIE.

About EQUANS UK & Ireland

In the UK & Ireland, EQUANS brings together ENGIE’s services-led activity under a new brand.  All of ENGIE’s UK & Ireland activity in technical services & facilities management, energy efficiency and construction & regeneration are now part of EQUANS – along with our specialist energy related capabilities in smart buildings, green mobility, district & embedded energy and decentralised renewables.

EQUANS UK & Ireland is a £2 billion revenue business, employing 13,500 people.  With the mission to connect, power and protect, to build an efficient, safe and connected world - EQUANS combines its expertise to empower governments, businesses and communities to fully embrace the energy, digital and industrial transitions that are reshaping the way we use energy, as well as move, work and live.