Press Release

Equans enters into new partnership with Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council has awarded Equans a new housing repairs contract, extending its successful partnership with the energy, services and regeneration specialist.

The new contract will see Equans continue to provide a planned and responsive repairs, maintenance and refurbishment services to more than 37,000 council-owned homes across the city until at least 2026.

About Equans

Equans is a subsidiary of the Bouygues group. In the UK & Ireland, Equans is a provider of sustainable facilities management and regeneration, and cutting-edge energy and digital services. Our 15,000 employees combine these activities to help businesses, communities, public sector organisations and government to embrace the energy transition towards net zero - and also the digital & industrial transitions that are together redesigning the way we move, work and live.

Globally, Equans is a world leader in the energy and services sector with operations in 20 countries, 90,000 employees working on 5 continents and combined proforma sales of 18.8 billion euros in 2023.

An Equans engineer in the plant room with clipboard