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EQUANS reaction to IPA guidance on PFI expiry

Sarah Channin, Commercial Director - PFI Expiry and Lifecycle, EQUANS UK & Ireland

The IPA guidance on Preparing for PFI Contract Expiry is welcomed by EQUANS and within the market bringing, as it does, a user friendly, project management approach to the PFI expiry and transition process along with a focus on future services delivery.

There is recognition generally across the market that preparation for PFI expiry needs to begin far earlier than is provided for within the contracts.  That point can’t be overstated given the scale and complexity of what needs to be achieved and EQUANS welcomes the IPA’s proposal of starting the process at least seven years prior to the expiry date.  Early engagement between the parties is essential in forming the building blocks of a smooth transition and EQUANS is keen to speak with its public sector partners to understand their priorities in order to help guide that process.

Much has already been said about the need to collaborate and build relationships as we approach the expiry and transition away from PFI arrangements.  EQUANS strongly believes that only true collaboration will achieve the best outcome for both the parties involved and, more importantly, for the crucial services that PFI facilities are providing to the communities they serve.

Consideration of future service provision and asset use is described as an imperative under the IPA guidance.  This approach, which looks beyond the immediate PFI landscape, will enable the necessary level of focus and planning to achieve long-term strategic outcomes for the public sector.  EQUANS believes that PFI expiry and transition presents, not only the chance to redefine the service delivery itself, but also an opportunity to enhance and future-proof the public sector estate in order to meet the challenges of net zero, decarbonisation and digitisation in the post-PFI era.  We look forward to working with our public sector partners to develop their ambitions and achieve their aspirations for the future of their assets.

Sarah will be speaking at the IPFA seminar “UK PFI Expiry & Hand back: preparing for success” on the 17th March, register here to join us.