Climate Change Adaptation for UK Buildings

"The ongoing changes in the UK's climate already pose challenges to people, ecosystems, infrastructure, society, and the economy. It's not enough to just plan to reduce green house gas emissions. We have to adapt as well."

Richard Millar, Head of Adaptation & Climate Science, UK Climate Change Committee, 29/03/23

Climate change is not a future problem - "it's here and now"

British Red Cross, 2022
AR6 Synthesis Report graph showing Global emissions rising
Graph showing UK climate rising since 1659
Image showing the 5 icons for flooding, water scarcity, storm damage and rapid changes in energy
hospitals closed due to flash flooding
UK buildings cannot cope with todays weather conditions
UK homes at risk to flooding
hospital wards at risk of overheating
Increase in UK power consumption
classrooms overheating
Increase in UK storms
Increase in wildfires in England
flash flooding risk
social housing bedrooms more likely to overheat
Dry summers increase, water available decrease
60% office buildings do not have air conditioning fitted
Increase in temperature during exams less likely to pass

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