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School Zero

Sustainable solutions to create carbon-neutral schools

Sustainable solutions for carbon-neutral schools

School Zero is the innovative carbon-reduction solution offered by EQUANS to help schools achieve net zero carbon emissions. The UK’s 32,000 schools have a critical role to play in achieving the government’s target of net zero emissions by 2050. School Zero combines our sustainable energy expertise with our retro-fit and construction capabilities to help schools save energy, promote sustainability and cut carbon emissions.

Inspiring the next generation of sustainability champions

Our three-stage approach  involves analysing and baselining your emissions, developing fully costed plans in the form of a school zero roadmap report which outlines the steps required and their impact on energy consumption and carbon emissions and then  implementing the targeted measures.

We focus on maximising energy efficiency, without compromising the comfort, safety and productivity of your school.  This can involve replacing existing equipment and assets with more energy-efficient versions, refining operational controls and processes, and introducing sustainable sourcing. In addition, we work collaboratively to change behaviours across the school, so everyone is working together to minimise energy consumption.

How we deliver net zero carbon

We recognise the particular challenges faced by schools in reducing energy use and eliminating carbon emissions, and we’re acutely aware of young people’s genuine interest in environmental issues. That’s why, as well as identifying and implementing energy efficiency and building performance improvements in schools, we provide high-quality curriculum materials and educational resources to help teachers inspire pupils and champion sustainability.

We engage with local communities, connect schools with broader place-wide strategies, and help pupils understand the part they and their school can play in creating a cleaner, greener, more sustainable world.

Funding for fully costed measures

We know that funding carbon-reduction programmes is a major challenge for schools, so we help by giving you the option to progress incrementally towards net zero over time or choose a co-ordinated package of works.

We can connect you to appropriate sources of funding and develop suitable financing models that allow capital costs to be repaid from savings made

School Zero - EQUANS Innovative Solutions

School Zero is EQUANS ‘retrofit’ solution to decarbonising the school estate.

 We have developed an approach that will: 

 Significantly reduce the energy consumption of school buildings

  • Create sustainable teaching and learning environments
  • Achieve net zero carbon accreditation

Our 11 stage process identifies the best bespoke technical solution for your school and also provides a linked package of supporting curriculum materials to enable pupils, staff and the wider school community to participate in the process.

EQUANS believe passionately that schools and young people can be a catalyst for community transition to net zero carbon so School Zero is a holistic approach to decarbonisation. 

Young people are quite rightly passionate about this subject.

Hope - Imagination - Innovation - Progress - Solutions 

The content we have developed, working with school leaders, teachers, leading specialists aims to provide a range of ideas and resources to help teachers develop their knowledge in this area and provide ideas that will fire the imagination of young people to become champions of sustainability and net zero carbon transition.

​More importantly we want to share school, teacher and learner ideas and stories on how they are making a positive change as part of the School Zero community.  This site has been developed to work with schools, to be a place where teachers can collect ideas, be pointed to useful resources and share their own successes and learner stories.

Net Zero Services

Regulatory, commercial and environmental imperatives have put carbon reduction at the top of the agenda for every type of organisation.

Home Zero

Our whole house retrofit solution that guarantees reduced carbon emissions and energy bills.

NHS Zero

Our innovative carbon-reduction solution to help NHS estates meet their challenging carbon-reduction targets.

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