Embedded Generation

EQUANS works as an energy partner delivering sustainable energy to meet each customer’s current and future needs.

EQUANS designs and develops bespoke embedded generation projects, providing customers with cost-effective energy supply, unparalleled energy resilience and a reduced carbon footprint.

What is Embedded Generation?

Embedded generation refers to energy assets embedded on customers’ sites or into the distribution grid. Most commonly, it refers to combined heat and power (CHP), solar PV, wind and energy from waste technologies.

When embedded on a site, the customer can avoid the non-commodity costs in traditional electricity supply contracts. Embedded generation can also enable customers to reduce their energy costs, carbon footprint and improve energy security to operations.

As a market leading player in numerous technologies, we provide turnkey design, build, finance and operate services for:

  • CHP

  • Solar PV

  • Wind

  • Anaerobic Digestion

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

 EQUANS is a market leader and trusted partner in designing, building, financing, and operating CHPs. Our solutions cover both co-generation (heat and power) and tri-generation (heat, cooling and power) by combining multiple technologies to meet your specific needs.CHP produces electricity and heat (hot water or steam) to meet your site’s demand. Local power production removes exposure to electricity distribution and other non-commodity costs found in traditional electricity supply contracts. Selling surplus power to the grid can also provide an additional income stream.

A reliable onsite asset with grid backup also provides peerless energy security for your site while providing power at lower carbon intensity than the grid. EQUANS CHP is therefore often a compelling investment.

Turnkey Offer

  • Design: selection and configuration of the most appropriate technology to meet your needs

  • Installation: installing your CHP and ancillaries, ensuring timely delivery and commissioning

  • Financing: third party financing of your asset, structured to satisfy your balance sheet requirements

  • Operation: on-going operation and maintenance to ensure your CHP performs efficiently and safely

Our commitments to net zero

At EQUANS, aside from our own actions on climate, we also take seriously our role as an enabler for many of our customers in their own journey to net zero.

Responsible Business

As an industry leader, EQUANS takes all aspects of Responsible Business (RB) seriously

Industry Recognition

We are proud to have received industry recognition for our service and partnering capability through a number of national FM & Energy Services awards